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Mrs Sarah Hall




Welcome back Year 2 and we hope you’ve had a wonderful Easter break. Our topic this term is The Secret Garden. Before the holidays the children used the topic box to generate lots of questions about plants and animals that they would like to find the answer to. It’s going to be a busy term as we take part in workshops linked to our topic, visit the local area and complete the end of key stage tests!


In English we will be looking at a variety of texts including The Lorax, The Secret Garden, Aaargh Spider and a range of non fiction texts. The children will be writing stories and non fiction texts based on what they read.


In Maths we will develop investigations and problem solving using addition and subtraction, fractions of shapes and amounts, measure and time.


The end of Key Stage 1 SATs will take place in the week beginning 21st May. To prepare your child for these we will spend extra time on boosting their comprehension skills in reading and problem solving skills in maths. To support your child, it would help enormously if you could listen to them read as much as possible to boost their fluency and confidence. Your child will bring home example questions and texts to complete as homework and any support you can provide with this would be greatly appreciated.


As always, thank you for continued support.