Marshland Primary School

Marshland Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN8 4SB

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Mrs Sarah Hall



Hello and Welcome to Year 5/6 JT


I would like to begin by welcoming you all back to school in what will hopefully be a brilliant year for all involved.

Our topic for this term is called ‘Behind Enemy Lines.’ The focus for the first half term will be solely on the First World War, with 2018 marking 100 years since ‘The War to end all Wars’ - just one of a number of ironic names given to the war - was brought to an end. We will begin with a look at the events leading up to the outbreak of war, before moving on to look at the conditions soldiers would have to endure, such as life in the trenches or the new weapons of warfare, which would go on to cause untold levels of destruction.



Our class novel for this half term will be ‘Private Peaceful’ by Michael Morpurgo. In addition to this, we will also be looking at the work of a number of poets from the First World War, including Wilfred Owen and John McCrae, who based much of their poetry on their own personal experiences of the war. As part of our own research into the First World War, we will examine the impact that the war had on future events during the first half of the 20th century.


PE Sessions

Monday:             Year 5 and 6, Outdoor PE.  

Tuesday:             Year 5, Swimming

Friday:                 Year 6, Indoor PE 

Please can children bring suitable outdoor sports clothing and trainers for this session.



Homework will be given out on Mondays and is to be handed in on Friday. Spelling sheets will also be handed out to ensure that children are able to practice throughout the week, in preparation for a weekly spelling test. At lunchtimes, pupils will have the opportunity to complete work at Homework Club if they wish. 



Year 5 and 6 children will continue to learn how to play the Ukulele. This session will be led by the very talented, Mr Smith. Year 6 students will be able to build on their experiences from last year, with the Year 5 students given the chance to learn a new instrument.

Thank you, 

Mr Taylor