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Foundation 1 - Summer Term

Welcome back to the second half of our Summer Term. We hope that you all had lovely week off and enjoyed some of the sunshine.

We begin our first week back with a separate topic which involves looking at transport and driving within our ‘World At Work’ topic. The children will be thinking about different jobs that involve transport such as train drivers, lorry drivers, bin men, postmen and the ice-cream van. We will explore number recognition and counting within our postman and ice-cream van role play.

For the rest of our summer term we will be continuing with the topic ' It's Alive’ with a focus on growing things.

We will begin by looking at different seeds and bulbs and we will enjoy planting our own bean seed. We will also be reading a non fiction book called 'How Does A Seed Grow' by Sue Kim which helps the children to learn how we plant seeds and take care of them so that they grow.

We will also be reading and sharing 'Jaspers Beanstalk' by Nik Butterworth and Mick Inkpen.



Our book corner will have lots of fiction and non-fiction books about plants and flowers.

We will be continuing with Phase One in Phonics Aspect 7 ‘Segmenting and Blending and moving on to Phase 2 towards the end of the term where we will be introducing the phonemes/graphemes s,a,t,i,p,n.. There will be lots of opportunity for mark making and we will continue to encourage the children to write their name.

In PSED the children will be encouraged to show care and concern for living things and explore what a seed needs in order for it to grow. We will also focus on working together and taking turns in collaborative roleplay.

Within Physical Development we will continue to develop our independence in our self-care and develop our Fine Motor skills through a variety of activities. We will be working on our scissor skills as well as developing our pencil grip and control. The children have really enjoyed developing their Gross Motor Skills in the outdoor area using ribbons, water and bubble wands which we will continue with. We will also focus on encouraging the children to travel in different ways, balance and jump and develop ball skills such as throwing and catching.

In order to build on the children's Communication and Language skills they will be encouraged to ask questions, develop their vocabulary and extend their sentences when speaking during one to one, small and large group discussions. We will also encourage them to join in with repetitive parts of texts and retell past events.

Mathematics will continue to have a counting focus encouraging the children to join in with counting to 10 and beyond and show 1-1 correspondence when counting objects.

Within Understanding the World we will enjoy walks through the school grounds to look for signs of living things using the iPads to take our own photos and then using what we have collected in our creative area to make some natural collages. The children will develop an understanding of growth and decay and also look into the different countries where plants grow. As well as using the iPads for taking photographs we will also have a focus on using the different paint programmes to create our own pictures.


Please remember that we change our library books on Wednesdays.

As always we are here for any questions or concerns that you may have. Please speak to us during our stay and play sessions that we have each morning.

Mrs Jowitt and Mrs Hinchliffe