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Mrs Sarah Hall



Welcome back to the second half of the Spring Term


We hope you had a lovely week off and the children are ready to enjoy some more exciting activities as we continue our topic ‘Our Nursery Can Rhyme.’


We start this half term with some number based rhymes including '5 Little ducks went swimming one day' and '1,2,3,4,5 Once I caught a fish alive'.


We will continue to build on the skills we were developing in spring 1.  

In PSED we will be focusing on becoming more independent when choosing activities and using resources in both our indoor and outdoor area. We will also be learning how to listen to and follow instructions and be encouraged to show care and consideration for others.


Within Physical Development we will continue to develop our independence in our self-care, especially when putting on and fastening our own coats. Various activities will be set up in the classroom to help develop our Fine Motor skills as well as using a variety of resources to develop Gross Motor skills.


In order to build on the children's Communication and Language skills they will be encouraged to join in with songs and rhymes and encouraged to listen to others while taking their turn to participate in discussions.


In Literacy there will be lots of opportunity for mark making with a variety of resources and when the children recognise their full name we will be supporting them to write it. When we used Jack and Jill as our focus we made a story map and some actions. The children did really well with this and therefore we will be reinforcing these skills with 5 Little ducks and encourage the children to map their own version.


We will be continuing with Phase One in Phonics Aspect 4 ‘Rhythm and Rhyme to reinforce our knowledge of rhyming words and then moving onto Aspect 5 'Alliteration'.


Mathematics will involve a lot of counting especially through rhymes and songs and then we will develop our skills to show 1-1 correspondence when counting objects. The children have been introduced to positional language such as in front, behind next to, under, above etc and we will continue to reinforce their understanding and encourage them to use the language themselves. We have explored shapes by hunting for shapes in our environment and enjoyed playing with shapes and arrangements. Through our child initiated activities we will continue to recognise and name 2D shapes.


Within Understanding the world the children will look at some nursery rhymes from other cultures and become more confident in using some of our technological toys that we have in the classroom.


In Expressive arts and design the children will be encouraged to use a variety of construction, mix paints to create different colours and use resources for collage.


At the end of this term we will be inviting you in so that the children can perform some of their rhymes to you. Keep a look out for the letter!

Remember to keep checking our school Facebook page where we post on a weekly basis showing you the activities we have been completing and please don’t hesitate to speak to us at any time – our door is always open.

Mrs Jowitt and Mrs Hinchliffe