Marshland Primary School

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Mrs Sarah Hall

Sensory Circuits


Sensory Circuits is a regular programme of specifically designed physical activities which are intended to focus concentration in readiness for the day’s learning. These activities are collectively known as a sensory circuit and encourage the development of a child’s sensory integration abilities.
Sensory integration is the ability to take in, sort out, process and make use of information in the world around us. In the circuit the child will take part in simple activities such as skipping, balancing, and pushing and pulling. These take place in a child friendly environment that is fun, while promoting social and emotional development.
The sessions take place three mornings per week for approximately 20 minutes. The child will not miss any lesson time while taking part in the Sensory Circuit. Their progress is monitored and feedback is obtained from the child, teacher and parent at the end of the 6 week program. This information helps us to decide whether or not further sessions would be beneficial