Marshland Primary School

Marshland Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN8 4SB

01405 812693

Mrs Sarah Hall

Precision Teaching


Precision teaching is a method used to increase fluency and accuracy in the fundamental skills that require automatic knowledge such as identifying letters or sounds.  This is a short term intervention that is delivered four times per week for ten minutes on a one to one basis, based around fun activities that stimulate and engage the child in the program. 

When our children start the program, they are set small targets that are specific and achievable. Children will only focus on a small number of items, such as being able to read 4 or 5 new words at a time until they become fluent at recognising them.  Once this is established, they will be introduced to a new set. Children quickly begin to see the progress they are making and the skills are transferred to their wider learning.