Marshland Primary School

Marshland Road, Doncaster, South Yorkshire DN8 4SB

01405 812693

Mrs Sarah Hall





Executive Chair

Mr Martin Oldknow


Vice Executive Chair

Mr Richard Breckell



Governor Name Category of Governor  Term of office ends
 Mr Martin Oldknow  Local Authority Governor  31.10.2020
 Mr Richard Breckell  Co-opted Governor 11.03.2019
 Mrs Sarah Hall                  Head teacher    31.08.2020
 Mrs Chris Revill  Co-opted Governor 05.11.2020
 Mrs Claire Gravil  Co-opted Governor                   05.11.2020
 Miss N Etherington               Parent Governor  07.07.2022
 Mrs Shelia Breckell  Co-opted Governor  06.07.2020
 Mrs Karen Sellars  Co-opted Governor  12.02.2021
 Mrs Gail Twyford  Staff Governor  08.10.2021