Marshland Primary School

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Mrs Sarah Hall

Writers Wall of Fame

Year 2 - Bobby

Year 4 - Max


Teacher comment: Max has worked extremely hard in Geography to describe the water cycle. He worked independently and organised his text in paragraphs with subtitles.

Y4 - Michael

Foundation Stage 2 - Mia

Year 1 Niamh

To listen to Niamh read her writing  click on her writing.

Year 1 - Evelyn

To listen to Evelyn read her writing click on her writing.



Y5/6 - Evan

Year 5 and 6 have been reading Beowulf, a legendary poem that was written in the Anglo Saxon times, and enjoying it. Beowulf is a great warrior who defeats the most monstrous monsters. They were given the challenge of writing a newspaper report inspired by the events that happened in the poem.

Teacher comment: 

Evan was given a Head Teacher’s award because his writing uses all the features of a newspaper report. His report is rich with vocabulary and he shows great imagination. Mrs Chapman.